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Guangdong HHOKO Energy Co.,Ltd welcome you!

HHOKO is a professional manufacturer of Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine,who has more than 12 years experiences in this field, many customers from more than 30 countries are keeping a good & long terms business relationships with us,we share our high technology high performance products and our experiences to all of our customers,we develop the win win market with all of our customers and we are working together to persuit of Eco-friendly society.

HHOKO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine with many advantages:

1.Full automatic Mitsubishi PLC control,simple easy use.
The gas output adjusted automatically according to the car emissions,no need hand operation.

2.No need you add KOH again.
When producing,we added electrolyte-KOH inside of this generator already,and it will works for the whole life of this machine,no need you add it again during using,this is our unique technology.For your information, the other suppliers’ machine you have to add KOH per 3 or 4 months about.

3.Water needed only.
No need you add any additional liquid.
If you are a end user,our machine can help you save a lot of liquid charges.
If you are a distributor,don’t worry,we can add a device in this machine and then you can promote your liquid sales and profit.

The machine with explosion-proof,anti-leakage and integrated design,it’s completely safety.

5.With 7 inches big touch screen.
During operation the screen,you can wear golves or without golves,it will works as well.

15 minutes per cleaning.(Time can be set).

We are supplying DPF/Catalytic Converter Cleaning Machine,DPF Cleaning Liquid,Hybrid Fuel Saving Kits for car,Oxyhydrogen Generator for industrial combustion supporting application on boiler/heat treatment/food warm equipment,etc.,

Our company own ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification,and all of products with CE certification.

For after sales service,firstly,for all of our products with one year warranty.And secondly,if there is any problem occurred,you will read it on the screen,contact us please then a fast solution will be supplied on time.

HHOKO is your ideal partner in supplying high-quality Car Care Products!

      Phone:+86 186 7572 2986
           TEL :+86 0757 26391055
     wechat:+86 186 7572 2986
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Address: No.10, No.1 Xijiao industrial area.Beijiao.Shunde.Foshan.GuangDong,China
Contact us

Address:No.10, No.1 Xijiao industrial area.Beijiao.Shunde.Foshan.GuangDong,China
0757-2639 1055
(work 8:30-17:30)
Wechat:+86 18588896137   
                +86 18098167367  
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