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Q&A HHOKO engine carbon cleaning machine

1.What is HHOKO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine?

HHOKO Oxyhydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine is a full automatic device,HHOKO is our registered brand,the world first model of full automatic engine carbon cleaning machine generated in 2008 in our Guangdong HHOKO Energy Co.,Ltd, one of it’s special advantages of this machine is “Simple and easy operation”,no need a mechanic,everybody can operate it after a simple training.

2.How does it work?

Trough a special device, the water to be reduced to hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis,use a special hose connect the machine with the car air intake, then hydrogen and oxygen pass through the air intake of the engine and out through the exhaust system as a vapour gas,in the process,keep car engine idling, because oxyhydrogen with some characteristics like catalysis,combustion-supporting and variable temperature,and with hydrogen and oxygen mix burning some water vapour will be formed, all of these charaterisitcs make this machine can permeate,dislove,soften and burn out all of the carbon deposits,recover the engine power.  

3.Why should we clean engine carbon deposits?

Carbon deposits can have a large impact on the engine, such as affecting the air-fuel ratio of the cylinder which will result in discounted engine output, increased fuel consumption, vehicle idling extremely viberation,and even badly damage to the engine. Therefore, it is common to clean the carbon deposits per 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers to protect your engine.

4.When should we do the engine carbon clean?

If your engine is……

Lumpy on idle,viberating,poor throttle performance

Power decline,sluggish,poor acceleration

Cold start difficulty,surging,noise increased

Smoking from the exhaust

Emission levels too high (failed mot test)

Sticking EGR valve

DPF warning light illuminating frequently or blocked DPF

Or you just want to keep it running cleaner, smoother, quieter, more responsive , more efficient, restore your power and performance as well as regain any lost Mpg.

5. How long it will takes?

HHOKO engine carbon cleaning machine cleaning time can be set vary from 15~20 minutes or a suitable time, its depends on the degree of carbon deposits.

6.What do you will see after HHOKO carbon clean?

Engine power increased

Emissions decreased

Fuel oil consumption lowered

MPG increased

Vibration decreased

Torque restored

Engine life time be prolonged

Engine performance improvement

DPF Cleaned

Money saved,eco-friendly,and happy drive comes back

7.Does it harm to the engine?

HHOKO engine carbon cleaning machine is a intelligent device for clean engine combustion chamber/cylinder/ piston/spark plug/exhaust pipe/oxygen sensor/catalytic converter. Water needed only, no chemical cleaning agent be used,non-toxic,non-corrosie, no any harm to the engine, on the contrary, it will benefit engine keeping in healthy status, provides high quality power constantly,cleaning carbon deposits throughly but no any damage,and it will prolong the lifetime of the engine.

8.Is it worth to do HHOKO engine carbon clean?

Some parts of engine that will likely fail due to carbonization,such as turbo,catalyti converter,EGR value,spark plug,DPF filter,etc.,if so it takes high charges to replace it,and if you are using old way to clean your engine, you need pay mechanic high charges to dismantle the parts down, and certainly it takes you a long time to wait, and chemical materials be used will hurt your car inevitably. HHOKO carbon clean will help you prevent all of the damages happen & save your money.

9.Which kind of engine need to do carbon clean?

Carbon deposits will be formed in any combustion engine, you can use HHOKO carbon cleaning machine to clean your engine of car/bus/truck/van/forklift/generator/boat,etc.

10.Where to do the HHOKO carbon clean?

We are exporting this machine to more than 30 countries & area, including America,U.K., France, Germany,Russia, Austrilia, Japan, Malyasia, Singapore,etc.,kindly contact us to find the nearest distributors/agents,or kindly join us to be one of our partners please,email to us at [email protected] please and we will reply you on time.

11.How to choose the best Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine?

1). Choose the full automatic carbon cleaning machine.

Hand operation, or semi-automatic machine operation is very complexity, you need to touch this button, press that button frequently, mistake operation or confused step will be happened ofenly, it decreases the work efficiency, and the effect of carbon clean is just so so, and even hurt your car.

2).Choose the machine without any additional electrolytes/agent/liquids be asked.

If any additional electrolytes/agent/liquids be needed, strongly advise you do not choose it,its old type now its past,and it will hurt your engine. You should choose this type of which water needed only to save your cost and protect your engine.

12.Why HHOKO is your best choice?

HHOKO engine carbon cleaning machine with the below advantages:

1).full automatic operation,it will detect the connect with your car engine automatically and works intelligent and excellent.

2).water needed only, no need any other electrolytes/agent/liquids, no harm to your engine.

3).safety, the gas output will be adjusted automatically.

4).fast,15 minutes per car.

13.Which size of engine carbon cleaning machine is suitable for you?

1. 1.0L~3.0L emission gasoline car, advise you choose model No.EP230.,hydrogen gas output 1000L/h max.

2. 1.0L~6.0L emission gasoline car, you can choose model No.EP230PRO,hydrogen gas output 1500L/h max.

3. 1.0L~2.5L emission diesel car, you can choose model No.EP230PRO,hydrogen gas output 1500L/h max.

4. 1.0L~12.0L emission gasoline/diesel car/truck/bus/van,model No.EP3000 is the best choose,hydrogen gas output 3000L/h max.

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