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1.Quality,experiences and customer cares

Guangdong HHOKO Energy Co.,Ltd built in 2008, we are supplying high quality car care products to more than 30 countries including America,U.K., France, Germany,Russia, Austrilia, Japan, Malyasia, Singapore, etc.,we have more than 10 years experiences. Our engine carbon cleaning machine using hydrogen generated from water to permeate,disolve,sofeten and remove carbon deposits, with full automatic operation, simple easy use for vechicle maintance, without the need for engine dismantling. We are specialized in car engine care products field, each products manufactured under our advanced technical & equipment with high reliability with CE certified,we supply 12 months warranty, we are supplying after sales support to meet all customers need on the high level of service.

2.How does HHOKO work?

In the past, to clean carbon deposits from engine components, it’s ask a mechanic to take off the parts, and chemicals have to be used, it takes a long time,and it’s easy to hurt the engine parts, and the charges is really not cheap, now our HHOKO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine makes it simple, there is water needed only, and no need any dismantling, it’s fast and economic, the hydrogen and oxygen gases be generated from the water electrolyted, with the engine idling, the oxyhydrogen is simply fed into the combustion chamber via the air intake, to permeate and soften and disolve the deposit carbon, and the carbon be gently burned off from the piston crowns, valves and other components,the carbon be removed and pass out through the exhaust pipe. And the whole process it takes 15~20 minutes.

3. The main advantages of HHOKO carbon clean:

· Cleans pistons crowns, valves, turbo vanes, maintains EGR valves.

· Restores performance.

· Reduces emissions.

· Engine runs smoother & quieter than before.

· Restores bhp and mpg.

· Simple, fast & effective process.

· Water needed only, no need any additional electrolytes.

4.Why join us?

Because HHOKO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine be called “Money Printer”

HHOKO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine called “Money Printer” it’s based on some reliable reasons as below and be certified by the market.

1).HHOKO- An Exciting Business Opportunity

Now with the economy developing, more and more cars running on all of roads and streets day and night, the carbon emission is too much it leads to environment pollution and all kinds of diseases,to protect environment & protect the public health,there has never a better time to enter the engine cleaning machine to the market.

Now the market growth is very fast, bus companies, taxi firms, truck transport companies & government are all seeking ways to reduce emissions & improve fuel economy in order to increase their green credentials simultaneously and to reduce overheads. A growing number of automotive professionals such as mobile car mechanics and vehicle testing stations are realising the massive potential of this business opportunity, and entering it now to benefit from the rapid market growth.

2).HHOKO-Low investment,high incomes.

At present, in the worldwide, engine carbon cleaning service charges vary from USD50.00~USD300.00/time,but what you need to invest is just one HHOKO machine, it’s own the highest performance and with the best competitive price compare with the other types of engine cleaning machine,you can use cheap tap water,no need any other additional electrolytes so there is no need you pay extra money to buy chemicals,and small labour charges paid because HHOKO is with full automatic operation there is no need special mechanic to operate it.

If you take the average service charges at rate USD100.00 per cleaning time, service 3 cars/day,then your incomes will be:

100*3*365=109500 USD yearly

it’s amlost net incomes,means your profits, if you invest 10 pieces HHOKO machine your incomes will be more than million dollars yearly.

5.How to promote HHOKO in your market?

“Machine free,Services charge” maybe a good way.

4S service shops,car care & repair centers, even a single person can start HHOKO engine carbon cleaning item simply and easily,you can pursuade them to accept your machine at free of charges partly or completely,and negotiate the gainsharing with them,it will promotes your sales quantity and win your market in a very short period of time to help you gain high profits and beat all of your competitors.

If you take the average service charges at rate USD100.00 per cleaning time,service 3 cars per day,and if you share the incomes with your partner half half,then your incomes will be like:

100*3*365*50%=USD54750.00 yearly,and if you invest 10 machines you will gain net profits half millon dollars yearly.In a simple caculatation your machine invest money can be returned back to your packet in one month.

Maybe you are worrying about your partner will take some services charges into his personal wallet privately, right? The thing should be not like that and you can trust us,because each service cleaning the machine will count and record it automatically and correctly.

The machine is ready,are you ready? Contact us at [email protected], or call us at mobile phone 86 186 757 22986 please, HHOKO welcome you! Thanks a lot!  

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